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” MAZ AND THE PHANTASMS ” – queer dance punks from Glasgow

Maz & The Phantasms is the post-lockdown project of Catalan-Egyptian Mariam El Sadr and her musical accomplices based in Glasgow Southside. Inspired by surf guitars, Krautrock noise, psych rock, dance music and an explosive punk attitude.
The band turned up with a bang in the Scottish live circuit in February 2022 picking up steam in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Despite one single release, MATP has supported well-known touring bands such as Ghost Woman, Mandrake Handshake, Rudi Zygadlo and The Red Stains. Seeking further thrills, MATP sold out their own self-curated warehouse gig/queer rave (Phantasmagsam) at Glasgow Autonomous Space, establishing themselves as proud purveyors of the wild and quirky underground party scene. Shortly after, they embarked on a successful two week long UK tour bringing their distinctive showcase to most major cities.
Their second single ‘Psychosomatic’ (release date: 17/02/23) encapsulates Maz & The Phantasms’ ambitious first explorations as a new sound that stands out from conventional guitar bands; bringing the queer, bold and European to the party. 2023 will see the releases that consolidate their sound and the place they have been working themselves up to in the alt-rock world.


Am Donnerstag, 20. September 2023 | um 20:00 Uhr | KINETT Kusel | Am Hofacker 11 |  66869 Kusel



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